Corporate Report

These days performers show off how good they are by posting pictures of themselves with celebrities and a list of companies they have worked for. DON’T BE FOOLED! I could impress a corporate client by listing 10 huge companies I have worked for. I just wouldn’t tell them I was doing a show for ‘bring your child to work’ day!

So, how do you avoid the amatuers? Just because their price is really high doesn’t mean they deserve it!

#1 Ask for a couple of RECENT references you can CALL. You want to make sure they performed the same services you are hiring them to do and that they were a hit! If they are a working pro it shouldn’t be hard to get references from within a month or two.

#2 If they sound professional and entertaining on the phone they probably are! It’s not a fail safe, but the opposite sure is!

#3 Use a reputable agency (see the reputation report). Keep in mind the performer is working for the agent so if the agent is willing to stake their reputation on the performer they are saying “I would hire them myself” because they are!