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Tuesday, August 14, 2018 Hello ,

Don’t worry, B. Happie!


40-45 MINUTE HIGH ENERGY COMEDY MAGIC SHOW Ideal for home parties and birthday parties!!   The magician will dazzle the audience with a hysterical and high-energy 40 to 45-minute magic show. Every show is packed with Audience Participation, Comedy, and of course Magic!   Tweens, teens, and adults will love our FAMILY MAGICIANS shows even though it is focused on the kids.



  • Balloon art for up to 12 children ($2 ea. extra child)—–$20
  • Fun colorful clown to do the show instead of magician—$no extra charge
  • Face-painting for up to 12 children ($5 ea. extra child)–$75
  • 30-minute Magic workshop (kids learn magic!)————$75
  • Magic goody bags ——————————————-$5 each
  • Magic wand for each child ———————————-$3 each


  • Weekday show——————————————SAVE $20
  • Weekend show starting 6pm or later——————SAVE $20
  • Children’s Magician (good only for 3-7 year olds)—-SAVE $50

Example of a B. Happie family magic show


Juggling and Variety Show

Juggling and variety show—- One of our variety entertainers will perform a 40-minute high-energy comedy show with audience participation comprising of balance, ball juggling, club juggling, maybe even child juggling, music, and unique skills. This show can be geared toward kids, kids and adults, or just adults.

Restaurant Parties

90-MINUTE PACKAGE MAGIC FOR ALL, DESIGNED FOR RESTAURANTS Having a party in a restaurant?   These events are quite different from a home birthday party and require a special effort by our office and entertainers to be sure the party is a success. We have done hundreds of parties in restaurants and we have learned the hard way what is really required to make it work.  Ask us why you need this package if you are having a communion party. 90-minute package: 30-minutes of table side strolling magic, 40-minute stand-up family magic show, balloon animals for up to 20 kids.  The performer has the flexibility to continue doing table-side magic instead of the show if space does not allow for a show. Often restaurants say they have the space but then they really don’t. Restaurant package:    

Gospel Magic Show

A 45-minute magic show that intertwines true bible stories about Jesus with entertaining magic. The show includes a call to action asking audience members to personally take a moment to thank Jesus and become saved and the difference between magic and miracles.

Call for pricing


Table-side entertainment with class

If you are looking for something extra while your guests eat or mingle

a strolling magician is the perfect answer. Our professional magicians

know how to add laughter and intrigue to get a party going!

Price is for one hour. Reduced pricing available for multiple hours.

Pricing: 2 hours- 20% off your total 3 hours – 30% off your total 4 hours or more – 40% off your total

Still with me ?  We offer a lot of stuff!  

Please feel free to call if you have any questions.  1-888-867-4282


STILT-WALKERS There is no better way to get attention for a grand opening or special event than a colorful charismatic character towering over everyone’s heads. We have provided stilt-walkers for store promotions, sweet 16’s, tv shows, and even major national advertising campaigns. 2 hours- 20% off your total 3 hours – 30% off your total 4 hours or more – 40% off your total prices per performer are lower for more than one performer at a time, multiple days, longer hours. call for a custom price


Our professional caricature artists do color or black and white comedy likenesses of you and your guests. Its a roar and adds fun to any event. we can provide multiple artists to ensure all your guests have a chance for larger events.

$350 for 2 hours ($150 each added hour)

Looking for a lower price?


#1 B. Happie cares about the environment and our country! We don’t like sending exhaust fumes into the sky and money to the middle east for fuel.

Here is what we are doing and how you can save money by helping us-

$20 off for time and performer flexibility: give us a 60 minute (or more) window for the performers start time and we will give you $20 off. we will nail down the exact time 5 days before your party. (not available when booking within 10 days of the party)


: “I want any of your family magicians to start any time between 2pm and 3pm”

Brian: “I want to give you $20 off!”

Not valid when you want a specific performer.

Not valid for last minute bookings (within 10 days of the show)

How does this help? On an average Saturday or Sunday we have 10-20 shows out.  Currently a specific performer can have a show in south jersey then a show in north jersey and another performer is going the opposite way.  With the flexibility plan one performer can stay in north jersey and the other can stay in south jersey saving a lot of fuel.

#2our CHILDREN’S MAGICIAN is better than many OTHER COMPANY’S FAMILY MAGICIANS I have seen. The difference is that his show DOES NOT INCLUDE COMEDY OR MAGIC FOR THE ADULTS. Kids up to 7-8 years old will love the show but a FAMILY MAGICIAN is better at entertaining adults and older kids AT THE SAME TIME AS THE YOUNGER KIDS. So try A CHILDREN’S MAGICIAN to Save some dough.

Give us a try this year.

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