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You have made a great decision to use B. Happie Entertainment for your event!  We are one of the largest entertainment groups in the country.  We are NOT an agency OR advertising service.  Every performer working at B. Happie Entertainment is here because they are great at what they do and are 5-star performers at every event.  We don’t accept anything less.

We have different entertainers who specialize in different areas.  To find the right choice all you have to do is start by clicking on your area at the top of the page.  We will help you narrow it down based on your event and then you can fill in a short form to get an INSTANT quote for the services that match your event.  Your quote will include prices, pictures, and videos.

Yes, we ask for your email address.  Your email is used in house only to help you with your events only.  We provide the convenience of a quote instantly right on our site and sent to your email as well to easily recall the information.

Congratulations on your 5-star decision!  Prepare to amaze and impress your guests.