Dave B

Dave is excellent for:

Kids Parties ages 3 thru 7

Strolling magic for adults

Local area:

Southern to Central NJ



Making kids laugh


Whether you are looking for a child’s party magician, or an adult’s party performer, David will entertain and delight audiences of all ages.  Dave’s magic show is perfect for birthday parties, pre-schools, and any event with younger children.  His close up magic is excellent for bar mitzvah’s, corporate events, weddings, as well as table to table magic for restaurant guests.  Dave’s table-side magic uses paper money, coins, entertaining card routines and even magic with rubber bands and borrowed objects.  One of his most exciting routines is producing actual, 3-D objects out of a flat picture, then putting them right back into the picture.  This will baffle your senses. 

His child’s show is a blend of comedy and audience participation.  He plays a game where you can possibly win a fabulous prize—or a lemon—and if the prize is a lemon, your signed, dollar bill mysteriously appears inside a real lemon!  His magic talking board is an invitation for children to draw a mouth, ears, a moustache, etc., then sit back and watch the magic drawing board come alive and talk to the children while the eyes move back and forth and the mouth speaks.  He magically produces flowers from an empty bag, not only once, but three different times, showing an empty bag each time around just before the flowers magically appear.  David pours water from a bottle into a glass, and then lets go of the glass.  It  hangs magically suspended in the air while the water is still being poured into it!  But his “tricks” aren’t over yet.  He has many more to offer his spellbound audiences.  He tapers his magic to the age of his audience, from the very young, to teen years.  David can wrap up your child’s birthday show with balloons sculptures.  Some of his creations are musical instruments, a motorcycle, hats and swords, along with different types of animals.  Everyone leaves the party with at least one balloon to take home.  They will remember enjoying David’s unique party magic for the rest of their lives!