Sideshow Dave

Dave is excellent for:

Family variety shows, Corporate events, Birthday   Parties ages 6 and up

Local area:

Eastern PA thru NJ

Performs Nationally


Family Variety Show, Clean Adult Show, Theatrical Act

Multiple appearances on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent”


A laugh-a-minute show of juggling, sideshow, and comedy, Sideshow Dave will keep you riveted with amazing feats to keep you and your guests talking for years. If you don’t believe us- here’s what Regis says!

“He’s been my favorite act so far.”

Regis Philbin 2006


Imagine being entertained with the silliness of juggling three balls while playing the harmonica, the danger of eating and manipulating real fire, or the bizarre sounds of bare feet walking across broken glass! David Smith

Dave’s act will thrill you for a full 45 minutes with plate spinning, ball spinning, whip cracking, rope spinning, unicycling and more!


“You have great stage presence.”

Brandy (singer) 2006


Be prepared to laugh yourself out of your seat as Dave juggles, dances and sings with both legs behind his head in his act that has brought him fame across the professional juggling and magic communities.



Interactive Show

LOTS of Audience Participation

The show includes routines such as plate spinning, rope spinning (Will Rogers style laso tricks), box balancing, juggling routine while a kid eats the apple being juggled instead of the juggler (VERY VERY FUNNY!)

Comedy without making fun of ANYONE!


Looking for something and someone “different”?

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