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Magic Goody Bags




Our Magic Goody Bags contain:

Magic tricks, toys, and a full size plastic magic wand.  $27.30 value in EACH BAG for a fraction of the cost!!

ONLY $9.95 each    >>SALE $7.50<<

We even have online videos teaching kids how to do the tricks!!  The video address link is in the gift bag!

Here is a break down of the contents of the goody bags:

Vision Box Magic Trick $4.95

A spectator puts a colored block in an opaque box and the box is closed.  The magician reveals what color is facing up in the box.  The box and cube can be inspected.

Ball and Vase $4.95

A ball is shown on a stand.  The ball is removed from the stand and a lid covers the empty stand.  The ball is placed in the magician’s pocket.  Magically, the ball returns to the covered stand.

Magic Wand $4.00

A full size plastic magic wand assists the new magician in their performance!

Two Card Monte Magic Trick $3.95

2 cards are shown. Clearly place one behind your back for a split second.  As you bring it back it has changed to the other card.  Show the card still in front to prove the change has happen.

Over Under Puzzle $3.95

2 curved plastic pieces are shown.  The red is clearly larger than the yellow.  Wave your hand over them and now the yellow is clearly larger than the red.  Repeat again and they change back.  A great optical illusion magic trick.

Flashing Hand Puppet Eyes $2.50

These eyes fit over your finger and can be worn like a ring.  They make your hand look like a funny puppet.

Large Parachute Man $1.00

Throw him up in the air and he comes down for a soft landing under his parachute.

Mental Number Magic Trick  $1.00

A card is shown with 5 shapes containing numbers.  The magician has a volunteer think of a number from 1-31.  The spectator looks at the card and tells the magician if their number is in any of the shapes.  The magician then reveals the thought of number.  It is never spoken or written down before the magician says it!

Bright LED Finger Light $0.50

Put this light on your finger and light up your world.  Kids can have a blast in the dark shining the light around the room.

Plastic Gold Coins $0.25

Pirate treasure is hidden in the bag.  Enjoy a couple pieces of gold colored coins for magic or play.

Fortune Telling Fish  $0.25

Place it on your hand and it will curl in different ways for different people revealing your feelings)


Magic Wands


10.5 inch black and white plastic magic wands:

ONLY $3.00 each