Should I tip the entertainment?

“We tend to get tips at about 60-70% of our private events and about 10% of corporate events.  It isn’t like a restaurant where the waiter is chasing you down in the parking lot if you don’t tip them.  If you don’t want to tip or don’t feel it is appropriate for ANY reason, don’t.  The performer(s) will not think anything bad of it or worry that they didn’t do a great job.  If the performer goes above and beyond your expectations or if you like to show financial appreciation then 10-20% is customary.  I often get $20-$50 in the ‘normal range’ of tips.  I have gotten everything from $200 to half a watermelon as a tip though.  🙂  So, rest assured any decision you make is the right one.”

Brian Happie



As far as for our company, the best tip we can possibly ask for is great reviews!

Did we deliver 5 star service for you?

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If we did not deliver 5 star service– call us to fix it.  We have perfect rating ALL OVER THE INTERNET!  No less than perfect 5 star reviews.  If we weren’t perfect, we want to make it right.